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Good Luck Charlie, featuring Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan

Having made its début in April of 2010 on the Disney Channel, Good Luck Charlie is a television sitcom that is geared towards the whole family. At the center of the show is the Duncans, a family from Denver who are going through the changes of having a fourth child born into their midst. Bridgit’s role in the show, as Teddy Duncan, is to make a video diary in each episode, filled with advice for the baby Charlie. She provides information about life in the family, as well as life being a teenager, in the hope that Charlie will learn from the videos when she is older.

The series had the different titles of Oops to Love, and Teddy, before finally settling on Good Luck Charlie. The idea was that this would ensure that it appealed to all members of the family. So the show can be played into the living room, where different members of a family are hanging out, on the sofa. This was a good idea by creators Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen, as it increased the show’s audience and ensured that it appealed to a whole cross-section of society.

Bridgit plays the main character, Charlie’s older sister Teddy. She is a caring girl who loves her family and is very good at giving advice. She usually fights with her older brother PJ, but it is clear that she loves him deep down. The reason she makes the video diaries is that she worries she may not be around very often when Charlie gets older, and wants to make sure that she gets good advice while she is growing up. She usually ends the episodes with her catchphrase ‘Good Luck Charlie’.